Unions and Legislators Launch PA Workers’ Bill of Rights Package

(HARRISBURG) Every worker has the right to a voice at work. Advancing workers’ rights must include strengthening and expanding access to collective bargaining, the pursuit of fair consideration for our time and our labor, and protections for safety and health on the job.  Employers who violate the rights of workers should not be rewarded for offensive labor practices, instead, workers should be recognized as stakeholders in their own right. 

With these principles in mind, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, representing 700,000 union members, has joined with workers’ rights defenders in the state legislature to proactively expand worker dignity in our Commonwealth. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, joined by union members and state legislators, held a press conference on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 in the Main Capitol Rotunda announcing the Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Bill of Rights. 

The officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO made the following comments on the package of legislation:

“Labor unions are leading the way in strengthening and expanding workers’ rights across our Commonwealth.  This legislative package, Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Bill of Rights, is the most proactive agenda for workers our Commonwealth has seen in decades.  Workers and the unions that represent them are committed to fighting for a stronger voice on the job,” stated President Rick Bloomingdale.

“Defense does not put points on the board.  With the support of Labor champions in the state legislature, Pennsylvania workers are demanding change.  Unions and workers have been faced with attacks from anti-worker special interests that seek to keep working men and women from having a voice. We are fighting for the dignity of all workers, and a place at the table.  This Bill of Rights agenda is only the beginning,” added Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder.