Labor Hits Amazon for Use of Out-of-State Contractors to Build New Findlay Facility

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO officer released the following statements today regarding Amazon’s use of out-of-state, non-union contractors for the construction of its new facility in Findlay, PA:

President Rick Bloomingdale stated, “Pennsylvania has a long-standing tradition of hard work and loyalty.” Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder agreed, “Our union workforce is the safest and most efficient in the industry.”

Bloomingdale continued, “Our workers are open to all employers who are looking to put Pennsylvanians first. We urge Amazon to consider this and do the right thing.”

Snyder concluded by saying, “We appreciate the hard work that elected officials, like Governor Tom Wolf and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald have done to prevent employers from exploiting Pennsylvania workers.”

The Allegheny-Fayette Central Labor Council released the following statement:

PITTSBURGH, PA – Allegheny-Fayette Central Labor Council President Darrin Kelly released the following statement today regarding Amazon’s use of multiple out-of-state contractors for the construction of its new facility in Findlay, PA.

Statement from Labor Council President Darrin Kelly:

“Pennsylvania’s workforce is second to none. It is appalling to find out that Amazon is rejecting our workers and bringing in multiple out-of-state contractors to build its new facility in Findlay. We appreciate and thank Governor Wolf and County Executive Fitzgerald for all of their efforts to convince Amazon to do the right thing, and we urge all our elected officials to stand with us and prevent Amazon from exploiting our region for its own profits.

‘This council has always worked with and respected members of the business community, but Amazon undercut us from the beginning. That’s not how we do things in western Pennsylvania. If you want to come here and do business. you sit at the table with us. You don’t make a big announcement promising a bunch of new jobs in Pennsylvania, then show up with cheaper labor from out of state.

“That will never be the way we do business in western Pennsylvania. Our workers will not stand for it. And we will make that very clear to Amazon in the days and weeks to come.

“We will continue to seek constructive conversations with Amazon going forward and continue to encourage them to act in a way that benefits Pennsylvania workers.”