Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Issues Comment on Governor’s Budget Address

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Issues Comment on Governor’ Budget Address

(HARRISBURG) – In response to today’s budget address, the officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder, issued the following response:

The key to Pennsylvania’s economic prosperity is an investment in our workforce.  Over the years, Governor Wolf’s initiatives have uncovered significant areas where investment has extraordinary potential for wide-spread advancement.  The Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center has outlined some of the major barriers to employment: lack of job training opportunities, access to transportation, affordable childcare, and the needs of Pennsylvanians reentering the workforce. 

“The body of work from the Middle-Class Task Force and the Workforce Command Center has made it clear that for workforce development to be successful, it must be comprehensive and address every aspect of life from access to childcare to supporting adults in job training programs,” stated President Bloomingdale. 

He continued, “It’s time to invest in the promise of Pennsylvania’s prosperity.  We can empower every Pennsylvanian to fight for prosperity by ensuring that they have access to the tools they need and by tearing down the barriers that too often hold us back.  It is time for Pennsylvania to invest in our workforce.”

Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder remarked, “We need action in Harrisburg to pave the way for Pennsylvanians to have the tools they need to succeed in the economy.  How can we hope to meet the needs and demands of tomorrow’s economy if our next generation is surrounded by lead and asbestos in school?   How can workers get the training they need for careers in newly developing sectors, if they cannot afford to support themselves throughout that program? How can public servants who dedicated their adult work life to the Commonwealth afford to retire in dignity? All, are possible with a commonsense budget that is “key” in the Keystone of Pennsylvania.”