State Budget

Candidate Tom Wolf ran on a platform of restoring fairness to our Commonwealth. Fairness means ensuring that students receive a world-class education that isn’t dependent on what zip code they live in; fairness means recognizing the dignity of work and growing a strong middle class; and fairness means a tax code that doesn’t keep asking hard-working Pennsylvanians to pay more, while billion-dollar corporations and millionaire CEOs are able to avoid paying their share.

Governor Tom Wolf has been living up to the promise of the candidate that we supported in last year’s election. He has laid out a simple, three-point mantra to guide the Commonwealth’s business moving forward: Jobs That Pay, Schools That Teach, and Government That Works. Governor Wolf knows that if we achieve these three goals, that we will bend the arc towards fairness for all Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Commends The Members Of The State Legislature Who Voted Yes For Pennsylvania – Schools That Teach; Jobs That Pay; And Government That Works

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder commended those members of the State House of Representatives who voted to move Pennsylvania forward today and expressed their disappointment with those legislators who voted to continue the failed budget policies of the previous administration. Read More

Franklin & Marshall Poll Shows Voters Still Blaming Legislature For Budget Impasse

The latest Franklin and Marshall Poll shows that more Pennsylvania voters blame the Legislature for the budget impasse than Governor Wolf. Fifty four percent of respondents said the State Legislature is responsible for Pennsylvania’s budget impasse, versus 29 percent who blame Governor Wolf. Read More

State GOP Leadership In The Senate And House Continue To Hold Up Progress On Budget Agreement

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO reiterates its call to the Republican leadership in the Legislature to stop playing politics and get back to work now in passing a responsible budget that solves Pennsylvania problems. Every day that they continue to stall adds to the costs of providing much needed human services. Read More