Take Action!

More than ever, we need our members and allies to be engaged in fighting for good jobs, fairness in the workplace, and retirement security.  The battles that have been won by unions, on behalf of ALL workers, dating back to the founding of this country are now under attack like never before.  Issues that were seemingly settled a century ago – on the basic rights to collectively bargain, on workplace safety and the minimum wage, even on child labor – are actually coming under legislative attack.  The recent Michigan Right to Work (for LESS!) law that was passed should be a wake-up call that winning rights for workers does not mean that we no longer need to Take Action to defend those rights!

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Today in Labor History . . .

131 years ago in Chicago, four striking workers were killed when police attacked a demonstration at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Co.   Organized workers were protesting for an 8-hour work day.  Later that night and into the next day, thousands of people would take to the streets in response to the actions of the police.  Read More
Thank a Union

What Can You Do For Pennsylvania Workers?

As the 2017-2018 Pennsylvania General Assembly gets back to work, the PA AFL-CIO and working people across the Commonwealth will remain vigilant in protecting and advancing workers’ rights.  We know that there are some tough battles ahead, but we know that when workers stand together we win together.  Read More