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More than ever, we need our members and allies to be engaged in fighting for good jobs, fairness in the workplace, and retirement security.  The battles that have been won by unions, on behalf of ALL workers, dating back to the founding of this country are now under attack like never before.  Issues that were seemingly settled a century ago – on the basic rights to collectively bargain, on workplace safety and the minimum wage, even on child labor – are actually coming under legislative attack.  The recent Michigan Right to Work (for LESS!) law that was passed should be a wake-up call that winning rights for workers does not mean that we no longer need to Take Action to defend those rights!

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Labor Union Fist

President Rick Bloomingdale Speaks on Post-Janus, Pro-Union Legislation

Representative Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, was joined by House and Senate colleagues and union officials at a Capitol news conference to promote her and Representative Tom Mehaffie’s Workplace Freedom Act (H.B. 2606). This legislation attempts to stem the assault on working people by strengthening the opportunity for them to form unions and stick together. Read More
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Call to Action: Anti-Worker Legislation to Be Heard Monday in the House L&I Committee

The Pennsylvania House Labor and Industry Committee, chaired by Representative Kauffman, will be considering a series of anti-worker, anti-union bills on Monday, September 24.  These bills range from pre-empting local government policies, attacking prevailing wage, and a post-Janus attack on public sector unions. Read More