Officers’ Perspectives

President – Richard W. Bloomingdale

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Secretary-Treasurer – Frank Snyder

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“We Have Problems, and They are Many”

Once upon a time, after an uncharacteristically unsuccessful outing, a reporter asked the late, great Pittsburgh Steeler coach, Chuck Noll, to make comments addressing the situation. In what was not necessarily an unusual response, he tersely replied, “we have problems, and they are many.” The interview concluded and the Coach retreated to his office. Read More
President Rick Bloomingdale

Giving the Gift of Solidarity

I want to take time during this wonderful Holiday season, when we celebrate so many different traditions, to wish all of our members and their families the best of times.  As we wrap up the old year and look forward to the new year, we must remember what we have to be grateful for and, as Union members, what we are fighting for. Read More

Unions Are the Path to Well-Paying Jobs

This Op-Ed was published in The Philadelphia Public Record and The Scranton Times Tribune. Any job can be a well-paying job if it’s a union job! That lesson has been lost to many Americans deceived by decades of attacks from well-funded corporate interests and their political allies. Read More