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President – Richard W. Bloomingdale

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Secretary-Treasurer – Frank Snyder

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President Rick Bloomingdale’s Labor Day Message

Labor Day has marked the victories of unions and America’s working people for the last 136 years.  It’s a day of remembrance for the fight for workers’ rights, the very concept of the 8-hour work day, the weekend, the elimination of child labor in favor of universal education, and the injustice of unsafe, lethal working conditions.  Read More

Pennsylvania is making progress, but there’s still a long way to go

By President Rick Bloomingdale, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO During this time of the year, the Labor movement and working people across the globe honor the contributions of the men and women who build our economies.  On April 28th, we observe Workers’ Memorial Day in the United States, marking the passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and commemorate the lives of working people lost on the job due to workplace injuries or illnesses.  Read More

Voting is Just the Beginning

Imagine America without unions. This shouldn’t be hard to do because, in much of our country, unions have already disappeared. In the rest of America, they’re battling for their very lives. Union Members here in our Commonwealth continue to be at grave risk, as now 28 states have opted for Right To Work for Less legislation. Read More