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2015-2016 Legislative Session

Legislative Recap: The 2015-2016 Session

2016 marks the end of another two-year session of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.  The 2015-16 legislative session had both successes and setbacks for Pennsylvania’s working people.  Due to an incredible act of cooperation and collaboration between Labor leaders and legislators, progress was made in partially fixing the state’s unemployment compensation system. Read More

Democratic And Republican State Legislators Elect Their Leaders For 2015-2016 Legislative Session

On Wednesday November 12, 2014, Republican and Democratic Legislators held leadership elections for the 2015-16 Legislative session which will begin in January. House Republicans, who will have a 119 – 84 majority, voted to elect  Republican Majority Leader Mike Turzai, the “Speaker Designee” positioning him to take the role of Speaker of the House when the 2015 -16 session begins.  Read More