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SUPPORT BUY UNION, BUY AMERICAN WHEREAS, Union workers in America are renowned for their resourcefulness, competency, professionalism and dedication to excellence in their occupations; and Products and services that bear Union Made labels are more reliable and enduring than all others; and Union workers have been the foundation of building and maintaining the greatest industrial power the world has ever seen, including as serving as the arsenal of democracy during two world wars; and Union workers continue to excel at manufacturing safe products, operating transportation systems safely for passengers, protecting the public as first responders, and maintaining homeland security; and Union workers first and foremost promote better qualities of life for all of their communities; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO promotes the belief that America Works Best When We Say Union Yes; and THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO actively support the use of union workers across all sectors of employment, including building and construction projects, manufacturing, retail, health care and public services; and THEREFORE, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and all affiliates actively defend and promote Buy Union and Buy American activities. Read More

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Urges State Senate To Pass House Bill 530, Buy American Legislation

Just one week after the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO held a Press Conference in support of legislation to keep it made in America and made in Pennsylvania, the members of the State House of Representatives unanimously passed Buy American legislation House Bill 530 (198-0) giving preference to American made products in their procurement policies. Read More