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Equal Pay Day

The Case of Two Mothers’ Days . . . & Your Union-Made Gift Guide

This Sunday, millions of us will come together and say happy Mothers’ Day to the women who nurture, raise and birth us.  The gift of life is an incredible thing, but the gifts our Mothers bring to our lives really only begin at birth.  Taking care of children when their sick, making sure homework gets done, keeping homes livable, dropping off and picking up from countless after-school before-school and weekend activities, and being an invaluable (even sole) bread-winner for their households, are only a few of the work of motherhood. Read More

AFT-WV Sister Speaks on Victory After Weeks Long Strike

Stacey Strawderman and West Virginia Teachers Talks Recent Work Stoppage For Pay Inequalities an Equal Pay Day On Equal Pay Day, West Virginia AFT Vice President and Local 6209 President Stacy Strawderman addressed delegates on the recent work stoppage in West Virginia, and the rampant workplace inequalities faced by a predominantly female workforce.  Read More