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2019 Legislative Conference: Registration Open Now!

Please join your sisters and brothers in January to help build a better future.  Register now for the 2019 Legislative Conference! 2019 PA AFL-CIO Legislative Conference Brochure We will plan Labor’s approach to the important issues confronting working people in Pennsylvania, and discuss how to advance and protect the rights of union members and working families, during the 2018-2019 legislative session. Read More

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO 2015 Legislative Conference Crafts Pro-Active Agenda for 2015-16

Legislative Agenda to Restore Workers’ Rights and Rebuild Our Middle Class Harrisburg, PA: Over 250 representatives of private and public sector unions this week came together in Harrisburg at the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s Biennial Legislative Conference to craft a pro-working family agenda that protects and promotes the well-being of all of Pennsylvania’s working families and their unions. Read More

Thank You to All Who Helped Make Our Legislative Conference Very Successful and Productive

President Bloomingdale Addressing The Conference The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Biennial Legislative Conference, held this week, was an outstanding success in every way: in the level of participation with over 225 union representatives from all corners of the state; in the quality of information and education provided on legislative issues; and in the level of enthusiasm and energy displayed by the attendees. Read More