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Senate Law And Justice Committee Advances Job-Killing McIlhinney Plan

This afternoon, the Senate Law and Justice Committee met to take up liquor privatization, moving the bill one step closer to a vote by the full Senate.  The McIlhinney plan, unveiled last week, was voted favorably out of Committee, in spite of the large cost to taxpayers, and the predictable impact this bill will have with relation to increased consumption and alcohol-related crime. Read More

Senator McIlhinney’s Plan Still A Pink Slip For Thousands Of Workers

E-Mail Your Senator And Ask Them To OPPOSE McIlhinney Proposal! The media room at the Capitol was overflowing on Tuesday afternoon, with workers and other concerned individuals eager to hear Senator McIlhinney’s proposal for the Liquor Control Board.  At issue was whether the Senator had truly heard the voices of workers and small business owners, and of community groups and law enforcement during a series of public hearings over the past month.  Read More