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Paid Sick Leave


PAID SICK LEAVE WHEREAS, nearly half of full-time private sector workers have no paid sick leave; and Lower wage workers, most of them women, are hit the hardest.  Over three in four low wage workers have no paid sick days; and Ninety-four million workers have no paid sick days to care for a sick child.  Read More

Take Action! House Votes Expected On Minimum Wage Increase, Paid Sick Leave Amendments Today

Today, The State House will be considering a bill that, in its current form, would preempt local governments from enacting paid (or unpaid) sick leave laws.  While HB 1807 is currently an attack on the rights of municipalities and counties to expand workplace protections for their residents, there are 17 amendments that have been filed, many of which would actually create paid sick leave and one amendment which would gut and replace the bill to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. Read More