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Philadelphia Transport Strike Ends

The PA AFL-CIO congratulates TWU Local 234 on the resolution of their strike.  Nearly a week of round-the-clock negotiations resulted in reaching a tentative agreement in the early hours of Monday, November 7.  The officers of the PA AFL-CIO want to recognize the vital role transportation workers play in the everyday life of communities all across Pennsylvania.  Read More


IN MEMORIAM             WHEREAS, dedication to Organized Labor is a hallmark of those who serve in the ranks and in the leadership of the American Labor Movement; and This service is given with tireless devotion and never-ending energy in the interest of ensuring a better life economically and socially for union members and all citizens of this great Commonwealth; and With great pride in their service to the Labor Movement and sadness at their loss, we honor the memory of our Brothers and Sisters who have departed from our ranks since our last Convention; and We can best honor our fellow AFL-CIO members by dedicating our own lives and strength to maintaining and expanding the ideals and goals for which they gave so much;             THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that upon adoption of this Resolution, the Chairman of the 41st Constitutional Convention of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO shall request the delegates to rise and observe a moment of silence in honor of the officers and members who have departed this life in the past two years. Read More