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During Teacher Appreciation Week, AFT/PFT Give Solidarity

The American Federation of Teachers represents teachers and healthcare workers on the frontlines. As more parents are taking on the task of homeschooling, we are all reminded of the extraordinary work our educators do every day. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO thanks each and every one of our educators, nurses, and public employees for the extraordinary work they do. Read More

That’s a Wrap: PA AFL-CIO Concludes the 44th Constitutional Convention

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Concludes Our First Ever Virtual Convention (HARRISBURG, PA) The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO wrapped up our 44th Constitutional Convention on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 7.  More than 250 delegates from local unions across the Commonwealth came together to vote on and discuss resolutions and issues impacting workers in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  While 43 phenomenal state federation conventions have brought PA unions together in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, we are so proud to have spent our 44th Convention with our union sisters and brothers on Zoom and on Facebook.  In these times of trouble, working people will always find a way to come together. Read More

GM Decisions Impacts Entire Manufacturing Industry

This week, GM announced a major decision to shutter plants in Ohio and Michigan, a decision that not only affects our brothers and sisters of the UAW, but also every manufacturing industry in the United States.  Pennsylvania’s union movement stands in solidarity with our UAW brothers and sisters in Ohio, Michigan, and Maryland in spite of GM’s decision to shut down plants, destroy thousands of jobs all in the name of corporate profit.  Read More