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GM Decisions Impacts Entire Manufacturing Industry

This week, GM announced a major decision to shutter plants in Ohio and Michigan, a decision that not only affects our brothers and sisters of the UAW, but also every manufacturing industry in the United States.  Pennsylvania’s union movement stands in solidarity with our UAW brothers and sisters in Ohio, Michigan, and Maryland in spite of GM’s decision to shut down plants, destroy thousands of jobs all in the name of corporate profit.  Read More

AFT-WV Sister Speaks on Victory After Weeks Long Strike

Stacey Strawderman and West Virginia Teachers Talks Recent Work Stoppage For Pay Inequalities an Equal Pay Day On Equal Pay Day, West Virginia AFT Vice President and Local 6209 President Stacy Strawderman addressed delegates on the recent work stoppage in West Virginia, and the rampant workplace inequalities faced by a predominantly female workforce.  Read More

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and the entire Labor movement will continue fighting to protect and advance workers’ rights and their social and economic conditions in the year ahead.  We know that there is no place where workers are treated better or more fairly, than when they are represented by a Union and have the ability to collectively bargain the terms and conditions of their employment.  Read More