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UAW Strike

48 Years Later: The Lordstown, OH GM Strike

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” 2019 marked a year of historic worker collective action in the 21st century. The labor movement is building on a long history of worker action, and as we soldier on in the face of persistent anti-worker attacks, nothing is more powerful than workers exercising their voice and standing up for the dignity of their own labor. Read More

Why Do Workers Strike?

It’s all about time. Our time. This story was originally published in the News & Views print newsletter from the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO. Sign up to get your copy mailed to you today! In 1919, nearly 365,000 workers in the United States walked off the job in what history would later call the Great Steel Strike of 1919; half of the nation’s steel industry was on the picket line.  Read More

While GM and Mack Trucks Return- UAW Local 1311 Still on Strike

Union Brothers and Sisters: While GM and Mack Trucks have successfully resolved their negotiations, the brothers and sisters of Langeloth Metallurgical remain on strike in Washington County.  They’ve been out on the picket line since September 9th.  Our Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, representing more than 700,000 union members across our Commonwealth, stands with these sisters and brothers fighting for their dignity on the job.  The company is trying to gut seniority in the plant, jeopardize worker safety (in an already hazardous workplace), and break their union. Read More