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Unemployment Insurance

Legislative Recap: The 2015-2016 Session

2016 marks the end of another two-year session of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.  The 2015-16 legislative session had both successes and setbacks for Pennsylvania’s working people.  Due to an incredible act of cooperation and collaboration between Labor leaders and legislators, progress was made in partially fixing the state’s unemployment compensation system. Read More

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Reacts to Passage of Unemployment Insurance Fix

On Wednesday, October 26, in an act of bipartisan cooperation, members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed a legislative fix designed to correct the disenfranchisement of nearly 50,000 workers deprived of unemployment insurance. The State Senate passed the bill with a vote of 39-8, and today, at 9:41pm, the House followed with a vote of 161-30.  Read More

Take Action! Tell Congress To Extend Unemployment Benefits

E-mail Your Representative In Congress Now!  Tell Them To Extend Unemployment Benefits! On December 28, Congress stood by and allowed long-term unemployment insurance benefits expire for 1.3 million jobless Americans.  At a time when there are still an average of three jobless workers applying for every posted job opening, and when Pennsylvania continues to suffer unemployment above the national average, we should demand that ALL of our Representatives in Congress, regardless of party, act immediately to extend these jobless benefits. Read More