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One Year Later, UAW Langeloth Workers Still On Strike, PA AFL-CIO Calls for Solidarity

(HARRISBURG, PA) – One year ago, the union members of UAW Local 1311 walked out on strike at Langeloth Metallurgical in Washington County, PA.  They could not have imagined what the next year would bring them.  Collective action has been on the rise in workplaces and communities, inspired by stories just like those of our UAW brothers and sisters.   In the twelve months since the workers took to the picket line at Langeloth, they have braved the Winter weather, the Summer heat, and the COVID-19 pandemic.  They have stood strong in solidarity, and their fellow Pennsylvania unions are with them “Their determination is worthy of our respect.  Union members want a safe workplace and a voice on the job, pure and simple.  Even before the pandemic, in a plant that processes molten metal, safety should always be a chief concern for workers and their employers.  Workers want a say in the work that they do and recognition of their years on the job. Read More

Why Do Workers Strike?

It’s all about time. Our time. This story was originally published in the News & Views print newsletter from the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO. Sign up to get your copy mailed to you today! In 1919, nearly 365,000 workers in the United States walked off the job in what history would later call the Great Steel Strike of 1919; half of the nation’s steel industry was on the picket line.  Read More