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Union Made Thanksgiving

Union-Made Thanksgiving

Getting your grocery list ready for Thanksgiving? Make sure your choosing union-made products to ensure that your Thanksgiving feast supports the ethical treatment of workers.     Let’s express some gratitude for the protections and freedoms guaranteed in a collective bargaining agreement by choosing union made products from ethical employers, and made possible by our sisters and brothers. Read More
FOTLU Founding_Nov 15

Throwback Thursday – The Federation of Trades and Labor Unions

The Federation of Trades and Labor Unions was founded in Pittsburgh on November 15, 1881.  Five years later, the FOTLU would become the American Federation of Labor.  On this day 137 years ago, 107 delegates from national unions, city labor federations, craft unions and representatives of the Knights of Labor came together at Turner Hall. Read More

Veterans Day: Labor Turns To Community Service

In honor of our country’s veterans, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s Community Service Liaisons across the state have launched projects centered around giving back to their community.  Being pro-veteran isn’t about a lapel pin or a political party. Our veterans face real issues that require community support and constructive action.  Read More

Be Wise, Organize

On this day in 1935, eight Labor Leaders came together and formed the Committee for Industrial Organization in “a spirit of rebellion and a spirit of hope”. The Committee, which would later become the Congress of Industrial Organizations, focused its energy and its future on the organizing of an emerging sector of worker, the industrial worker.  Read More

Historic Congressional Win For Pennsylvania Workers,

(HARRISBURG, PA) – Pennsylvania has continued its sweep of worker gains for this 2018 election cycle.  After the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s redistricting decision earlier this year, Pennsylvanians were finally given the opportunity to overcome years of hyper-partisan, right-wing gerrymandering.  The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and our affiliate labor unions have worked hard in the last several years to protect and promote the democratic process in our Commonwealth, whether by fighting restrictive voter ID legislation or overturning the most gerrymandered congressional map in America. Read More

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