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Representative Turzai

Take Action! Tell The Legislature To Get Back To Work On A Fair Budget

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO was encouraged by Wolf’s veto of the extreme right-wing Republican budget this week.  The move by our new Governor demonstrates that he is serious about solving the problems that face our Commonwealth, and that he will not accept gimmicks and ideological attacks in place of thoughtful governance. Read More
Fourth of July

Celebrate A Union-Made Fourth Of July

With the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations, we wanted to encourage everyone to support their fellow union members.  This is the perfect opportunity to fill your cookouts and picnics with union-made products.  To take some of the stress away, we’ve put together a short list of some of the many products that are available.   Read More

State Senate Follows House Lead, Passes Budget That Severely Fails The People Of Pennsylvania

With disregard for public opinion, with disregard for facts, and with disregard for the basic responsibilities of State Government outlined by our Constitution – the extreme conservative wing of the Republican Party has now passed a phony budget through both chambers of the legislature. Read More

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