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Day 21 Of GOTV Campaign

Today was another great day of leafleting in Western Pennsylvania. The RV is currently on the road to Allentown for our upcoming events in the Eastern part of the state. Once again, we were invigorated by the enthusiasm and support from the union sisters and brothers we met today. Read More
WWII Memorial in Pittsburgh

Share! Expose Scott Wagner’s Hateful Rhetoric

Update: Scott Wagner dug an even deeper hole for himself when he responded to the ad by attacking the decorated WWII veterans who appear in the piece. He called their comments “lies on TV” and his campaign director called the ad “political mudslinging.” According to the York Dispatch, Wagner’s campaign was “not able to point out any factual inaccuracies in the ad.” Last year, Pennsylvania’s Labor Movement was proud to be a partner in bringing the new WWII Memorial to Pittsburgh… just a few short months later, Scott Wagner stood on the floor of the PA Senate and compared Labor Leaders to Adolph Hitler. Read More
john kane fi

Meet The Plumber Who Created More Jobs Than Tom Corbett

Our next candidate profile introduces John Kane, business manager for Pennsylvania Plumbers Local 690, who is running for the State Senate in southeastern Pennsylvania. The simple fact is that if we want working people to have a greater voice in the Legislature, we need working people to run for office. Read More

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