2021 Allegheny-Fayette Labor Council Endorsed Candidates

Recommended to the State AFL-CIO

PA Supreme Court: Maria McLaughlin

Superior Court: Timika Lane

Commonwealth Court:
Lori Dumas
David Spurgeon

Endorsed for the 2021 General Election

Mayor of Pittsburgh - Ed Gainey

Pittsburgh City Council:
District 2: Theresa Kail-Smith
District 4: Anthony Coghill
District 6: Daniel Lavelle
District 8: Erika Strassburger

County Sheriff: Kevin Kraus

County Council:
District 4: Patrick Catena
District 12: Bob Palmosina

Court of Common Pleas:
Bruce Beemer
Bill Caye
Jessel Costa
Elliot Howsie
Dan Konieczka
Sabrina Korbel
Lisa Middleman
Wrenna Watson
Tom Caulfield
Chelsa Wagner

Pittsburgh School Board:
District 1: Sylvia C. Wilson

District Magistrates:
Richard Opeila 05-2-02
Jen Evashavick 05-2-04
Anthony Deluca 05-2-06
Roxanne Eichler 05-2-11
Ralph Kaiser 05-2-18
Ronald Arnoni 05-2-20
Anthony Ceoffe 05-3-10
Craig Stephens 05-2-22
James Motznik 05-2-38
Jehosha Wright 05-2-40
Scott Schricker 05-2-47
Tom Swan 05-3-04
Thomas Miller 05-3-05
Armand Martin 05-3-09
Kevin Cooper 05-3-12
Maureen McGraw-Desmet 05-2-21
David Barton 05-2-17
Mark Scorpion 05-2-42
Hilary Taylor 05-2-19
Nick Martini 05-3-13