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When Union Workers Take On Corporate Greed

This is part one in a serialized look at Pennsylvania workers’ fight against a rigged economy and corporate greed. Workers at the Wabtec/GE Transportation plant in Erie, PA are back on the job after an internationally recognized strike.   For nine days the workers in northwest Pennsylvania held the picket line, joined by family members, the community and the solidarity of other unions,  On Monday, February 25, Wabtec, Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp., took over at the GE Transportation plant in Lawrence Park, Erie. Read More

PA Lawmakers Announce Introduction of Workplace Freedom Act

Senators Lindsey M. Williams, Jay Costa, and Vincent J. Hughes joined by local elected officials, Allegheny-Fayette County Labor Council members, and a crowd of union workers, announced the introduction of the Workplace Freedom Act today at the Allegheny County Courthouse. The Workplace Freedom Act legislation protects Pennsylvania workers by strengthening collective bargaining in two ways.First, it eliminates the requirement for a two-tiered election process by allowing for a simple card check where expressing majority support would be sufficient. Read More

PLRB Rules In Favor Of Pitt Grad Union

For years, graduate workers at the University of Pittsburgh have been fighting for the right to join a union. The university administration filed an objection to the grad students’ petition last winter, claiming the graduate workers were students, not employees of the university. Read More

Celebrate Union-Made St. Patrick’s Day!

If you haven’t noticed lately . . . it’s March!  That means not only is it Women’s History Month, or that Spring is just around the corner, but St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!  During this time, millions of dollars will be spent on beer, potatoes, and corned beef, and you can put your dollars to good use by choosing union-made brands. Read More

One Year Later: Looking Back at the Election of Conor Lamb

The Pennsylvania Union movement had a big year in 2018.  One of those achievements celebrates its one year anniversary today: the election of Conor Lamb to the 18th congressional district.  Our mobilization in the southwest corner of our Commonwealth resulted in the success of a proudly pro-union candidate.  Union members hit the doors, the phones and the worksites to get the word out about Conor Lamb.  The work of our union brothers and sisters flipped a district by 20 points.  Collective action and the value of strong unions took center stage during the internationally watched special election.   State Federation officers Rick Bloomingdale and Frank Snyder stated on the victory: “For weeks union members have held thousands of conversations across southwestern Pennsylvania on the issues that affect working families and their jobs. Read More

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