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ATTENTION Pennsylvania Union Members

UPDATE:  Your actions are working!  Keep up the pressure. The phone calls and emails of union members around the Commonwealth have been heard in Harrisburg.  Your activism has delayed a vote on paycheck “protection”, Senate Bill 166, for now.  The State House could vote on the bill early next week.  Read More
Top 5 Reasons GOP Tax Plan

Tax Scam Pushing Through Washington

United States Senator Bob Casey held a call with Pennsylvania Labor Leaders and implored action on the GOP Tax Plan.  The Tax Plan that will be rammed through the Senate, without a single hearing, cannot be called tax reform.  While the Bill may include many changes to tax policy, the Tax Plan, is at its core, “a giveaway to the Super-Rich”, said Senator Casey. Read More
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So-Called Paycheck ‘Protection’ Bills Pass Through State Government Committee

A “cowardly attack” on the rights of Pennsylvania’s working people. Today, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee passed House Bill 1174 and Senate Bill 166.  The Officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO made the following statements: “The State Government Committee of the Pennsylvania House launched a cowardly and shameful attack on the first amendment rights of working people and the security of their unions.   Read More

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