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ICYMI: Workers Win in Missouri

In case you missed it, our Brothers and Sisters in the State of Missouri made History on Tuesday, by repealing “Right to Work” at the ballot box!  The Labor Movement came together to vote down Proposition A by a 2-1 vote! Read More
Equal Pay Day for All

63 Cents on the Dollar Isn’t Good Enough

August 7, 2018 marks Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.  It takes a Black woman an additional 8 months to make what her white male counterparts make in a year because on average her wages equate to 63 cents on the dollar.  Read More
king and johnson

Today in History: The 1965 Voting Rights Act

On this day in 1965, many African American citizens gained the right that they had been robbed of for centuries; the right to vote. Prior to the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, black potential voters were intimidated and threatened when they attempted to register to vote.  Read More

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