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Infrastructure Week – Part 3

The desire to increase investment in our infrastructure is a bipartisan effort.  Rebuilding and expanding our infrastructure would result in more good, family-sustaining jobs.  In Pennsylvania, we could improve services to citizens and bring jobs to areas around the state in need of growth and economic development.  Read More
Via Infrastructure Week

Infrastructure Week – Part 2

Click here to read part 1. The need for skilled craft workers in the building and construction trades is increasing in Pennsylvania and will continue to grow as we pursue greater investment in infrastructure.  For many individuals who do not work in the building and construction trades sector, understanding the laws that ensure skilled labor, decent wages and quality work on public construction projects can be difficult. Read More
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Today is Primary Day!

Tuesday, May 16 is primary day in Pennsylvania’s 2017 election cycle. These odd-year elections decide our Mayors, City Council and School Board members, Judgeships across the Commonwealth and a large number of public servant positions in our local communities.  Arguably, these elections have a greater direct impact on our daily lives and our neighborhoods than any other.  Read More

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