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Commonwealth’s Financial Mess Is Due To Governor Corbett’s Failure To Lead

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder offered the following remarks on the news of Pennsylvania’s early fiscal crisis, due to Governor Corbett’s lack of leadership on the recent budget.
“The fact that the Commonwealth had to borrow money so early in this new fiscal year is cause for concern and illustrates the failure by Governor Corbett to lead on both fiscal and economic policies. Read More

Bob and Valerie Butterworth_blog

Our Union Activists of the Week are:

Valerie and Bob Butterworth, who are once again providing their knowledge and their skills in helping us manage and maintain all of the data and information on Labor 2014 activities, efforts, and volunteers throughout Pennsylvania.  Their work will help us direct our efforts and adjust our activities as we progress through Election Day. Read More

David Fillman, Exec. Dir. AFSCME Council 13_blog

Our Union Leader of the Week is:

David Fillman the Executive Director of AFSCME Council 13 is our Labor Leader of the week for going that extra mile in providing the leadership, the resources, and the people we need to execute our member to member program for Labor 2014. Read More

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