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State Senate Follows House Lead, Passes Budget That Severely Fails The People Of Pennsylvania

With disregard for public opinion, with disregard for facts, and with disregard for the basic responsibilities of State Government outlined by our Constitution – the extreme conservative wing of the Republican Party has now passed a phony budget through both chambers of the legislature. Read More
Attacks On Pensions

Senate Bill 1 Passes House – Promises To Gut Pensions And Cost Taxpayers

The push for so-called pension reform has been a red herring for conservative lawmakers for years.  By deliberately sabotaging the system through under-funding, and then misrepresenting to the public the dire state of the resulting unfunded liabilities, the right wing has been able to convince many people that the problem is with pensions.   Read More
Wine & Spirits Stores

Literally Giving Away The Store: PA Senate Votes 27-22 For Liquor Privatization Bill

Vote will blow a huge hole in the budget, and eliminate 5,000 family-sustaining jobs. In what was an expected move today, the PA State Senate voted in favor of House Bill 466, which would shut down the entire system of publicly owned Wine and Spirits Stores in Pennsylvania, and massively expand alcohol sales. Read More

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