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ALERT: Financial Resources for Federal Workers

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has been working with the United Way of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania 211 and the AFGE 3rd District to compile resources for workers affected by the shutdown. Here are a list of banks and credit agencies working with federal employees to provide alternatives during this time. Read More

Today In History: A Presidential Executive Order

On January 17, 1962, President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 10988, “Employee Management Cooperation in the Federal Sector”.  This order granted federal employees the right to engage in collective bargaining through labor unions.   President Kennedy understood the importance of workers having a seat at the table, especially those in public service.  “The participation of employees in the formation and implementation of employee policy and procedures affecting them contributes to the effective conduct of public business,” he noted.  57 years ago, the President of the United States respected the public servants of the federal government and demonstrated that respect through the acknowledgement and expansion of their rights as workers.  Today, more than 800,000 federal workers are being denied respect and their economic dignity.  Currently, 480,000 federal workers are being forced to work without pay. Read More

Rapid Response Alert: Resources for Furloughed Federal Workers

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has worked with community service liaisons and partners across the Commonwealth to provide resources to the more than 12,000 federal workers affected by the government shutdown and their families. The State Federation has compiled a set of resources for Pennsylvania’s federal and subcontracted workers being denied their paychecks. Read More

PA AFL-CIO Stands with Federal Workers Through Government Shutdown

The shutdown of the federal government has gone on for 20 days.  More than 800,000 workers continue to be denied their paychecks.  Over 12,000 Pennsylvania families have face financial uncertainty because of Washington’s political games.  It is time to end this shutdown. Read More

Unemployment Compensation Information for Furloughed Federal Workers

You may be eligible for Unemployment Compensation during the Shutdown.  The Pennsylvania Office of Unemployment Compensation has posted an alert for federal employees.  Employees that will NOT be reporting to work and will not be paid by their federal employers. This group is considered to be furloughed and may be eligible for unemployment compensation. Read More

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