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Workers Should Be Paid for Every Hour Worked

Labor unions fought for decades for the 40 hour work week.  As workers and union members, our labor, our time, and our ingenuity are our most valuable assets.  When we give time and energy to our employer, that should be spent with our families and loved ones,  we should be compensated for that time.  Read More

Recap: Community Services Institute 2018

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO 2018 Community Services Institute last week brought together delegates from locals and central labor councils across the Commonwealth to discuss projects and develop skills to enhance their community services work.   President Rick Bloomingdale emphasized collaboration and coalition building during Wednesday’s opening general session, “we need to work together with community partners, even with those who we don’t always agree with, to develop a skilled workforce”. Read More
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Celebrate a Union-Made Fourth of July

Show your fellow Americans your Union Pride this Fourth of July! The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO always reminds union members and our families that by supporting and buying union-made goods and services we strengthen our movement.  No other time is this more important than right now. Read More

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