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Take Action! Push Back Against The Ongoing Threats To Our Collective Bargaining Rights In PA!

Your collective action so far in 2014 has played a huge role in keeping HB1507 from getting a vote on the House floor.  This so called “paycheck protection” bill, as you know by now, is nothing but a power grab by out-of-state billionaires who want to bankrupt unions so they can pass a whole buffet of anti-worker legislation without opposition.  Read More

Trumka, Bloomingdale and Snyder

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO 41st Constitutional Convention Adjourns

On the final day of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO convention, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka energized the delegates with a characteristically fiery speech that focused heavily on raising wages for America’s workers.  President Trumka said that raising wages cannot take a back seat to any political party or candidate, saying “Our issues come first now, and they come second.”
It was the beginning of a rousing final day of the 2014 convention.  Read More

Richard Trumka at PA AFL-CIO Convention

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Leads Organizing Roundtable At PA AFL-CIO Convention

On the final day of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Convention in Pittsburgh on Thursday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka led an inspiring roundtable discussion with four workers who are fighting for union representation on the job.  Speaking to the disconnect that all too often exists between workers’ legal rights, and the experiences that workers have when trying to form a union, President Trumka framed the discussion and encouraged the panelists to share their personal stories. Read More

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