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UMWA Is Fighting Back For Pennsylvania

For the members of the United Mine Workers of America, the 2018 election is about the issues for their union and their brothers and sisters.  Up and down the ballot, the federal government and state government public offices have real, tangible effects on members daily lives.  Read More

IBEW Local 163 Opens Hall To Activists For Labor 2018!

On October 13, union members in Wilkes-Barre came together on a rainy Saturday morning to the IBEW Local 163 union hall to knock on the doors of union households.  U.S. Senator Bob Casey Jr launched the labor walk in a local union hall like so many others. Read More

Union-Made Octoberfest

From a centuries-old German tradition to the global phenomenon it is today, October Fest is a great time to celebrate the wonders of Union-Made brews. Thanks to our friends at Labor 411 and the Union Label, we’ve got a Labor-approved list of beers and snacks that will last you for the month. Read More

UFCW Local 1776 KS Is Engaging Members On Every Front

The stakes in 2018 are high for Pennsylvania union members.  The brothers and sisters of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776 Keystone State know just how the impact of legislation in Harrisburg and Washington can affect their jobs and communities.  Read More
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Fight Back Post Office Privatization

On Monday, October 8, union members from the APWU and the NALC will come together to protect America’s public postal service.  Corporate attempts to privatize the United States Postal Service have risen in intensity over the years.  The current executive branch administration has proposed privatizing the postal service, converting it “from a government agency into a privately-held corporation.”  President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder will join with union members on Monday, Oct. Read More

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