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Just One Week Left For Pennsylvanians To Register To Vote

The October 6 deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania is just one week away, which means there is not much time to be sure your voice is heard on Election Day. If you are already registered, why not get some family and friends registered before we hit the deadline? Read More

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Our Union Activist of the Week is:

This week’s activist is Faytress Sears (on the right in photo), a UFCW Local 1776 member and union steward who works in JBS’ beef plant in Souderton. Faytress spent time at his workplace earlier this month helping register his co-workers to vote in the upcoming November election, and also distributing information on how to register on UFCW Local 1776’s new website. Read More


Our Union Leader of the Week is:

Bob McAuliffe, Director of United Steel Workers (USW) District 10, is our Labor Leader of the Week for his continued leadership in the Labor 2014 campaign. Bob has committed many hours to assuring members are educated and mobilized in our efforts leading up to an extremely important election. Read More

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