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So-Called Paycheck ‘Protection’ Bills Pass Through State Government Committee

A “cowardly attack” on the rights of Pennsylvania’s working people. Today, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee passed House Bill 1174 and Senate Bill 166.  The Officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO made the following statements: “The State Government Committee of the Pennsylvania House launched a cowardly and shameful attack on the first amendment rights of working people and the security of their unions.   Read More
Ismail Abdul-Lateef, a 2nd  year apprentice at the Boilermakers Local 13 worked as a social worker and studied psychology in college before deciding he needed a change and sought out apprenticeship opportunity with IBB Local 13.

Every Week Is Apprenticeship Week

Incredibly apparent in the current discussion surrounding apprenticeships in Pennsylvania and across the country is the need to discuss opportunities in the skilled trades with young people, particularly in high school.  Alternative forms of post-secondary education, need to be explored well before young adults are set to enter the workforce.  Read More