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Be Wise, Organize

On this day in 1935, eight Labor Leaders came together and formed the Committee for Industrial Organization in “a spirit of rebellion and a spirit of hope”. The Committee, which would later become the Congress of Industrial Organizations, focused its energy and its future on the organizing of an emerging sector of worker, the industrial worker.  Read More

Historic Congressional Win For Pennsylvania Workers,

(HARRISBURG, PA) – Pennsylvania has continued its sweep of worker gains for this 2018 election cycle.  After the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s redistricting decision earlier this year, Pennsylvanians were finally given the opportunity to overcome years of hyper-partisan, right-wing gerrymandering.  The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and our affiliate labor unions have worked hard in the last several years to protect and promote the democratic process in our Commonwealth, whether by fighting restrictive voter ID legislation or overturning the most gerrymandered congressional map in America. Read More