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Janus v. AFSCME and the Freedom to Join a Union

Unions are required by law to represent and negotiate on behalf of all workers in a bargaining unit, regardless of whether the individuals are dues-paying members.  In states with fair share fees, like Pennsylvania, public employees who benefit from collective bargaining agreements, union-negotiated benefits, and retirement and receive union representation in the disciplinary process, pay a fee for that representation and administration.  Read More

Release: PA AFL-CIO Officers Comment on Scott Wagner’s Resignation

Yesterday, May 30th, Senator Scott Wagner abruptly announced his resignation from the state senate. Shocking news as the trash-talking trash collector who boasted he’ll “be sitting in the back room with a baseball bat”, has decided to quit before he “gets traded.” Wagner who has been quoted as saying “working is a game” to him, is the type of bully who when they can’t win, takes their ball and goes home. Read More