PA AFL-CIO Encourages U.S. Steel to Reinvest in PA Workers

This week, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO issued a letter to United States Steel Corporation’s President and CEO David B. Burritt criticizing its decision to end the promised $1.5 billion upgrade to its Pittsburgh facilities. 

For generations, the workers of our Commonwealth have made U.S. Steel a global leader in manufacturing. U.S. Steel’s decision abandons the communities that made this company. State Federation President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder call for U.S. Steel to reconsider and reinvest in Pennsylvania. 

“Over the years, we have diligently and cooperatively worked with your government affairs team and the Pennsylvania Steel Alliance to encourage new manufacturing in the Commonwealth and beyond.”

“Our 700,00 union members, including the proud United Steelworkers (USW), have been supportive of joint efforts that both empower workers but also enhance manufacturing competitiveness as well as all other industries in the region. Often your team has reached out to us, and together we have found solutions to the array of complex problems our companies and workers face.”

“We were, and we are the backbone of our economy. To be sure, the USW speaks for those members employed at U.S. Steel. As a labor Federation, we speak for those ancillary members impacted by pulling out of the investment. The legacy of steelmaking and manufacturing must remain in the Pittsburgh region. We stand ready to offer our assistance in keeping the project on track. Please let us know if you are interested.”

Read the PA AFL-CIO’s full letter here.

Read the statement from the United Steelworkers here.