Urgent Action: House Voting Today On Anti-Prevailing Wage Legislation

This afternoon, the State House will be voting on two bills designed to undermine the State’s prevailing wage laws.

E-Mail Your Representative Now And Tell Them To OPPOSE These Bills

These bills represent a misguided attack on workers by contractors who are more concerned with having a low-wage workforce than with providing the Commonwealth quality products and services.  These bills are not about saving money on public construction projects, they are only about driving down the wages of skilled workers so that contractors can pocket more of the profits.

Representatives in the State House will be casting their final votes on these two bills in a matter of hours, this is your chance to make sure that your representative knows that you oppose House Bill 665 and House Bill 796.

E-Mail Your Representative Now!

HB 665 would change the definitions of “construction” and “maintenance” projects, so that more public projects would be classified as “maintenance” and therefore be exempt from prevailing wage laws.  “Maintenance” projects under this proposed legislation would include full replacement of guide rails, curbs, pipes and other road  equipment as well as repaving up to 3 1/2 inches of road surface, including associated milling.  This would exempt a huge number of construction crews from prevailing  wage protections.

HB 796 would amend the Prevailing Wage Act to raise the threshold from $25,000 to $100,000 for projects that would be subject to prevailing wage laws.  This bill is a transparent effort to undermine prevailing wage laws in Pennsylvania, which have protected workers from exploitative labor practices for generations.