Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Applauds Governor Wolf’s Budget Blueprint for Pennsylvania

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder are pleased with Governor Tom Wolf’s budget proposal today in keeping with the campaign promises he made to the working people of Pennsylvania.

“Governor Wolf’s budget makes the much needed investments in education, health, and human services that will restore our state as a leader in job creation, prosperity and economic growth for years to come. It eliminates the budget deficit by making sure corporations pay their fair share, providing tax relief to middle class working families, and proposes improvements in wages and opportunities for working families.  The Governor’s budget is a good blueprint to help begin the work of expanding our middle class and restoring Pennsylvania’s economic strength. It is what we need to get Pennsylvania moving again.”  Bloomingdale said.

“Working families are the backbone of Pennsylvania’s economy. This budget pursues the policies that protects and grows more good jobs for Pennsylvania, improves wages, protect pensions, and boosts workforce development and training, which will expand of our middle class. This budget proposal is our opportunity to put our state back on the map as a leader in job creation and economic opportunity for all. Putting Pennsylvania first – that’s what this budget does,” Snyder said.