Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Condemns State Senate Passage of Pension Cuts

Harrisburg, Pa: Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder condemned the passage of legislation by the State Senate today which guts the pensions of new school employees and public service workers and “kicks the can down the road” by collaring employer contributions.

“We are deeply disappointed that the State Senate passed a bill that, over time, will leave future public sector workers and school employees in poverty. This is a bad deal for Pennsylvania which will end up costing taxpayers more for an inferior pension that jeopardizes the retirement security of hundreds of thousands of workers. Bloomingdale said.

“Today the State Senate held this up as a good plan for Pennsylvania. If it is so good then why are legislators allowed to keep their defined benefit pensions while employees are forced into an awful plan? This reeks of hypocrisy!” Snyder said.