PA AFL-CIO’s The Bottom Line: Treating Pennsylvania’s Opioid Epidemic

*This story was originally posted on September 30, 2016.

Tonight PCN will air the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s newest segment of The Bottom Line.  On this edition President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary Treasurer Frank Snyder will be joined by PA Department of Human Services Secretary Ted Dallas, CEO of Migliore Treatment Services Renea Snyder, and Executive Director of the PA Health Care Cost Containment Council Joseph Martin. 

Filmed on Wednesday evening, the hour-long program discussed the opioid epidemic across Pennsylvania, ways the Commonwealth is trying to address the problem, and the different methods or avenues of treatment for addiction that are available.  Given that the majority of people suffering from addiction are employed, “the opioid epidemic is as much a workplace safety crisis as it is a health crisis,” said Joe Martin.

The Secretary of the Department of Human Services Ted Dallas remarked on the steps that the Commonwealth is taking to address the problem.  He explained the DHS’s new Centers of Excellence and discussed the future developments the department is planning.  Migliore Treatment Services CEO Renea Snyder iterated the need for evidence-based treatment options and spoke about the need to “meet people where they are when they seek treatment.”

President Bloomingdale stressed that the point behind the panel was breaking the stigma surrounding addiction.  “Addiction is a disease, not a choice.  The most important thing that can come from this is that people who need help, seek it,” he said.  Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder added, “working people want to work, and it’s important that we do everything we can to help them.”

The show will air on PCN on Friday September 30 at 10pm and Saturday October 1 at 3pm.  It will also be available for streaming at these times through PCN Select.