This Labor Day Weekend. . .

fb_laborday2017_collageWhether you celebrate Labor Day at a family picnic, watching a parade with your neighbors, or just spending the extra time with your friends, Labor Day is about acknowledging the victories of America’s working people and protecting our voice on the job.  We also remember that not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the three-day weekend.  The AFL-CIO recently found that more than half of Americans are working more holidays than ever. And of course, our thoughts and prayers remain with the thousands of displaced brothers and sisters and Hurricane Harvey victims.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO always encourages buying union-made products for any holiday and occasion, but this Labor Day we also ask that you donate to the incredible disaster relief work being done by the labor community in Texas.  The Texas AFL-CIO has set up a Workers Relief Fund and labor unions across southeast Texas are already planning on how to put their community back together.  So, in addition to making sure your Labor Day celebration is union-made, donate to the relief efforts for working people in Texas.

You can find even more union made products at Labor 411 and at Union Plus.

Union-Made Grillables and Fixin’s:
Butterball burgers and franks
Johnsonville brats and sausage
Smithfield sausage
Boars Head hot dogs
Ball Park Franks
Hebrew National franks
Heinz Ketchup
Gulden’s Mustard

Union Made Snacks:
Wise Chips
Rold Gold

Union Made Beverages:
Barq’s Root Beer
Crystal Springs Water
Dr. Pepper
Hawaiian Punch
Bass Pale Ale
Boone’s Farm
Bud and Bud Light
Coors Light