Every Week Is Apprenticeship Week

Incredibly apparent in the current discussion surrounding apprenticeships in Pennsylvania and across the country is the need to discuss opportunities in the skilled trades with young people, particularly in high school.  Alternative forms of post-secondary education, need to be explored well before young adults are set to enter the workforce.  What we have long considered Blue-collar jobs, are often times dignified, skilled craft professions.

Our state federation knows that Unions have been setting the bar on high-quality, on-the-job training through apprenticeship for centuries.  Apprenticeships today are providing new pathways to gainful employment to working people looking to change careers. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and our affiliates are always thinking about training for the jobs of the future, and preparing working people. We know that every week is Apprenticeship Week.

To highlight the need to promote opportunities for living wage jobs and family sustaining employment that apprenticeships offer, we visited the apprentices of International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 13.  Over the course of 6,000 hours apprentices learn skills through training and on-the-job experience, preparing them for positions on a range of projects, from refineries to nuclear plants.Special thanks to Business Manager Martin Williams for allowing us to stop by.

We invite you to check out their stories and the photographs in our gallery.