Shopping for Thanksgiving this Weekend?

AFLCIO Union Thanks GivingNext Thursday, millions of American families will sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.  And that means: grocery shopping over the next 6 days will resemble more of a sporting event, than a household chore.    But we can make this experience even better, by supporting good, union jobs!  Check out the list below for union-made products for your Thanksgiving meal.  You can even support workers right here in Pennsylvania!

Check out Labor 411’s more union-made Thanksgiving staples.

Whole Turkey
Empire Kosher (*union-made in PA)
Foster Farms

Vegetables/Potatoes / Sweet Potatoes
Hanover Frozen Vegetables (*union-made in PA)
Bird’s Eye Vegetables (UFCW)
Ocean Spray whole berry cranberry sauce (IAM)

Stroehmann Bakery Products (BCTGM)
Pillsbury crescent rolls and pie crusts (BCTGM)

Entenmann’s (BCTGM)
Hershey’s (BCTGM/UFCW *union-made in PA)