So-Called Paycheck ‘Protection’ Bills Pass Through State Government Committee

Call Your State Representative (1)A “cowardly attack” on the rights of Pennsylvania’s working people.

Today, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee passed House Bill 1174 and Senate Bill 166.  The Officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO made the following statements:

“The State Government Committee of the Pennsylvania House launched a cowardly and shameful attack on the first amendment rights of working people and the security of their unions.  The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ensures the American people their freedom of speech and the right to petition their government.  As they attacked the rights of working people, the committee refused to prevent legislators from using tax-payer dollars to attend campaign fundraisers.  The far-right not only seeks to violate the rights of working people and attack their unions, their hypocrisy allows state legislators to finance political campaigns on the backs of working people,” commented President Rick Bloomingdale.

“Working people and their unions have been subjected to cruel and senseless attacks throughout history, but we will continue to rise to each occasion.  We will overcome this latest attack lodged by extremists in the State Government Committee.  We will never apologize for being union, in fact, the labor movement is prouder than ever of our fight for working people.  We are all thankful for the victories unions have won for workers, and we will keep fighting for our unions,” added Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder.