ATTENTION Pennsylvania Union Members

Call Your State Representative (3)

UPDATE:  Your actions are working!  Keep up the pressure.

The phone calls and emails of union members around the Commonwealth have been heard in Harrisburg.  Your activism has delayed a vote on paycheck “protection”, Senate Bill 166, for now.  The State House could vote on the bill early next week.  If you haven’t contacted your state representative yet, make a plan for this week.  Call, email, or write a letter to your Rep and let them know that you oppose union-busting legislation.

Your State Representatives are getting ready to vote next week on a very important piece of legislation, Senate Bill 166 known as paycheck “protection”. But don’t be deceived, it has NOTHING to do with protecting your paycheck. Payroll deductions are voluntary and cost the Commonwealth nothing.

Contact Your Legislator Now

Senate Bill 166 is a direct attack on your public-sector brothers and sisters and their unions.  This piece of legislation is designed to hurt our unions’ ability to collect dues and represent your fellow members.  The Bill passed the State Senate in February, and now the State House is getting ready to vote. 

Please contact your State Representative. Call their local office. Call 1-844-284-9249 to reach their Harrisburg office.  Or go one step further and visit their office. 

 Join our E-Mail Campaign. Or go another step further: print this letter, customize it, add your signature and union, and send it to your State Rep.

 Whatever you do, be sure you tell your State Representative to VOTE NO on Paycheck “Protection”.