Release: PA AFL-CIO Officers Comment on Scott Wagner’s Resignation

 Yesterday, May 30th, Senator Scott Wagner abruptly announced his resignation from the state senate. Shocking news as the trash-talking trash collector who boasted he’ll “be sitting in the back room with a baseball bat”, has decided to quit before he “gets traded.” Wagner who has been quoted as saying “working is a game” to him, is the type of bully who when they can’t win, takes their ball and goes home. Sadly for the people of Pennsylvania, good government is not a game. The lives of children, seniors, workers, families, and even our pets are all affected by public policy. Some can even be life and death decision-making. As a society, we don’t have the luxury of running away.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale says that this is just a prime example of Wagner’s “all talk, and no action” behavior. “How can we expect him to fulfill his obligations as governor when he cannot even finish the job he started? With just one month until the budget deadline, Wagner is deliberately neglecting his duty to vote on pivotal policies. His resignation not only demonstrates unworthy character, but more notably, a betrayal of the trust of the voters who elected him.” Bloomingdale continued with a question to ponder; “ I wonder what he would do if one of his trash haulers simply quit and left a fully loaded garbage truck parked along their route?”

Secretary Treasurer Frank Snyder is equally surprised remarking, “I would be leery of supporting any public official who is likely to quit anytime they don’t get their own way, or is too bored to do the job they applied for. Considering Scott Wagner has a history of ill-mannered behavior & inappropriate decision making, shirking his responsibilities to his constituents as an elected official further deems him as unqualified to serve. While Wagner is known for papering the walls of his businesses with inspirational quotes. I’ll bet he didn’t post this one by Vince Lombardi – Winners Never Quit, and Quitters Never Win.”