CWA Is Charging Ahead With Local Union Mail and at the Work Sites

CWA VP Ed Mooney and fellow union members hit the doors on a Saturday walk in South Philadelphia.

CWA VP Ed Mooney and fellow union members hit the doors on a Saturday walk in South Philadelphia.

Communications Workers of America members from District 2-13 are hitting the worksites and the doors for the Labor 2018 campaign. Across the Commonwealth, CWA has been talking to their fellow union members about the importance of getting out the union word for the November 6 election.  CWA District 2-13 represents Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington DC.

CWA District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney looks at the 2018 election as an opportunity for change.  “Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation is about to change.  After the redistricting, we have the chance to go from embarrassing to a group of representatives that support and advocate for labor rights,” said Mooney.

CWA’s members cut across all industries as call center workers.  Improving the legislature at the federal and state levels goes a long way in protecting jobs, preventing and fighting back off-shoring.  “Income inequality and the exploitation of workers is running rampant.  With the kinds of legislation being pushed, like the tax cuts for corporations, working people end up paying more and getting less”, remarked Mooney.

“We need proactive legislation in Washington and in Harrisburg that will protect workers’ rights, collective bargaining rights, and organizing rights so we can grow our movement”.  With the new congressional map, Pennsylvania stands to dramatically remake our Congressional delegation and make inroads in the state capital.

On Saturday, Mooney and our union brothers and sisters knocked on doors to get fellow members informed and involved in the election.  “When it comes to volunteering on this campaign, I’m just like each of my members.  We’re asking our members and our staff to get out and volunteer. And just like them, I’m out there walking my pack and knocking on 50 doors”.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO applauds CWA District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney, his labor leaders and union members on their dedication and commitment to the Labor 2018 campaign.