PA AFL-CIO Stands with Federal Workers Through Government Shutdown

Stop Holding America HostageThe shutdown of the federal government has gone on for 20 days.  More than 800,000 workers continue to be denied their paychecks.  Over 12,000 Pennsylvania families have face financial uncertainty because of Washington’s political games.  It is time to end this shutdown.

The officers and vice presidents of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and our executive council call on all union members to contact Senator Pat Toomey and our Commonwealth’s Congressional delegation.  We demand that federal employees be allowed to return to their jobs with pay.

Federal workers are patriotic, public servants who work to protect and provide for their fellow Americans.  There are 420,000 men and women who want to be paid for the work they are currently forced to do for free. Another 380,000 federal employees want to go back to work.  An estimated 248,400 veterans, the men and women who fight for our country, are not being paid.     These people are not political pawns, they are our neighbors, our family members, and our friends.

During this shutdown, the White House has issued a federal order freezing federal workers’ pay in 2019.  Over the last two years, the White House has attacked the rights of federal workers to organize and weakened civil service protection laws.  The people who go to work to serve the American taxpayers should not be penalized for their public service.  This government shutdown must come to an end now.  Let politicians know that the pain and suffering they are inflicting on Americans will be remembered.

American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) District 3 Vice President and PA AFL-CIO VP Phil Glover said, “Hard-working federal employees deserve better than being laid off or working each day with no pay. This is a policy issue and should not trigger a shutdown of government.”  State Federation President Rick Bloomingdale and Frank Snyder are proud to stand with our brothers and sisters of the federal government and its subcontracted workers at this time.

Show your support and call Senator Pat Toomey and your congressional representative and tell them to end the shutdown NOW!

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