After Historic Shutdown, Federal Workers Are Moving Forward

After an historic, 35-day government shutdown, federal workers and their unions are moving forward. Less than 48 hours before the government was scheduled to shut down again, the House and Senate passed a bill that funds a dozen agencies ranging from TSA to the FBI through Sep. 30, 2019. The bill also includes a 1.9% pay raise for federal employees this year. President Trump signed the bill into law.  Additionally, a bill has been introduced to give TSA officers their Title 5 workplace rights.

 “For nearly two months, 800,000 federal employees and their families were used as pawns in a political battle that upended their lives, stunted local economies, and harmed everyone who depends on the services our federal workers deliver,” said AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. “Thanks to the collective actions of union members, labor allies, sympathetic lawmakers, and concerned citizens across the country, workers prevailed and prevented another government shutdown from occurring at midnight Feb 15.” 

TSA Agents are some of the lowest paid federal workers, despite the fact that their jobs are extraordinarily important to our nation’s security. TSA agents only received limited collective bargaining rights in 2011. House Resolution 1140 would give TSA officers full collective bargaining rights to negotiate for better workplace conditions and put them on the general schedule (GS) pay scale with their fellow federal workers.

It’s time that TSA officers receive full rights and fair treatment on the job. “TSOs took an oath to protect us, but doing so while worrying about eviction, the ability to feed their families, and pay bus fare to get to work, put this safety at risk. . . Putting in place the proper workplace protections for these officers is the least Congress can do to help make them whole again after the shutdown”, said AFGE President Cox.