Labor Education Plays Key Role for Future of Unions

This week, the United Association for Labor Education held its 2019 Annual Conference in Philadelphia. This year’s theme centered on the intersection of Labor and Social Movements. Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale was proud to kick off the event and welcome labor educators from around the country to our Commonwealth.

“It’s always been necessary for workers and their unions to come together for solidarity and strategy”, said President Bloomingdale in his welcome. The UALE hosted some incredible panels and workshops diving into the nuances of the labor movement and our brothers and sisters across the human rights movement. The State Federation is proud to work with and support the LABOR School at Penn State’s outstanding Labor Education opportunities. Don’t miss out on your chance to join in!

The importance of labor education to the future of our union movement cannot be understated. Opportunities to connect and network with fellow unions are essential to building our solidarity for years to come. Developing skills and growing leadership in our members and staff is more and more valuable in the 21st century as we face challenges to organizing workers and mobilizing our members.

The LABOR School at Penn State, the Allegheny-Fayette CLC, and the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO are launching a Leadership Activist Academy starting this May (May 7, 14, and 21) and continuing in the fall.

This May, the course offering is Our Current Labor Landscape: Lessons for 21st Century Unions. “[This course] will focus on the challenges faced by labor organizations and workers today, how we got here, and the implications for building a more effective labor movement. We will gain an appreciation for the rich history of worker collective action and how labor organizations have related historically to broader struggles for economic, social and civil rights, offering a new perspective on the particular challenges of the current period. Participants will gain an understanding of how our economy has shifted and what this means for workers and our organizations going forward”.

These non-credit courses are geared for stewards, new union activists, or new staff, with the goal of providing learning and skills for building stronger labor activists for our movement!  

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