Training with the Penn State Labor School

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is proud to work with the Penn State Labor School to connect labor leaders and union members with training and development opportunities. Every Summer the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO hosts our Community Services Institute (July 10 – July 13, 2019) and our COPE Institute (August 16 – August 18, 2019), because we understand the value of bringing union activists together to learn from one another and build our movement.

Check out these upcoming events with our partners as well:

Webinar:  Best Practices for “First Day” Union Orientation Sessions

Union orientation has been a key part of educating new workers about unions and membership sign-up.  JANUS and other attacks  in both the private and public sector have put a renewed emphasis on the critical importance of an effective union orientation system.

This free webinar, hosted by the LABOR School Penn State, will focus on best practices for union orientations that happen on or near the first day of someone being hired into a union position.  

The webinar will include a panel of union organizers leading orientations, a chance for all participants to ask questions and share, and an overall review of best practices from research and experience for union orientation sessions.

Date and Time:  Tuesday, June 25th  from  7:00pm- 8:30pm

Registration Link:

Also coming up: The 44th Northeast Women’s Summer School

The school brings together 120 union and activist women from the region for four days and nights of rigorous classes, including labor history, organizing, skills-building, and social media.  Plenaries create unity and solidarity and focus on current movements for social and economic justice for workers.  

This year the summer school is hosted by us at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies as well as Hofstra University. The summer school will take place July 27th -31st at Hofstra University. Parking is availble for free on campus.

The deadline to register is July 10th.  Click Here For More Information.