No New NAFTA 2.0 Till It’s Fixed!

On Thursday, August 1st, Vice President Mike Pence visited Pennsylvania to promote the USMCA trade proposal, i.e. NAFTA 2.), at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and The Manitowoc Company.  The USMCA is no better than NAFTA and has many of the very same flaws.  This trade deal DOES NOT protect workers, in the US, Canada or Mexico. 

In May, Pennsylvania’s State Legislature voted on a House Resolution 248, calling on Congress to ratify the USMCA.  The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO strongly opposed the resolution; here’s the letter we sent to the State House.

In western Pennsylvania alone, 38,000 jobs have been lost due to NAFTA.  “They devastated the economy. They have devastated Western Pennsylvania,” State Federation President Rick Bloomingdale stated.

Check out President Bloomingdale and President Trumka’s joint editorial from the Beaver County Times

Want to know why the USMCA is no good for workers? Here are a few reasons:

IT’S NOT ENFORCEABLE. As it stands, when corporations violate the rules, they will be able to block any attempt to investigate.

Pharmaceutical prices while drug companies profit off of working people.  The current legislation gives drug companies a decade-long monopoly and freezes the production and development of generic versions of new medications.

Mexican workers must have the right to organize and collectively bargain for better wages and working conditions.  The current deal is not an avenue to meaningful change for these exploited workers.  Workers’ rights must be protected in all three countries, and under this deal that will not happen.