In just the past few years, union members in Pennsylvania have turned out and reshaped our courts. We have been the deciding factor in electing NINE new statewide judges – including three Supreme Court Justices – since 2015. These have been much more than symbolic victories. These new judges have consistently stood up for the rights of workers, and for strong democratic values, including when they struck down the unfair congressional maps in 2018.

The courts are our last line of defense against anti-union politicians who seek to erode the rights we have fought for, and against corporate interests who seek to challenge our very right to exist. Without strong and fair courts, those things that we win at the bargaining table can be taken away by the whims of elected officials.

On November 5, we can keep our winning streak going by electing two new judges to the Superior Court. Card-carrying union member Amanda Green Hawkins, and Judge Dan McCaffery are your endorsed candidates for the Superior Court. We need your help to elect strong judges in Pennsylvania. Please be sure to come out and vote on November 5!

To find your full list of candidates endorsed by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and your local Labor Council, please CLICK HERE