While GM and Mack Trucks Return- UAW Local 1311 Still on Strike

Union Brothers and Sisters:

While GM and Mack Trucks have successfully resolved their negotiations, the brothers and sisters of Langeloth Metallurgical remain on strike in Washington County.  They’ve been out on the picket line since September 9th. 

Our Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, representing more than 700,000 union members across our Commonwealth, stands with these sisters and brothers fighting for their dignity on the job.  The company is trying to gut seniority in the plant, jeopardize worker safety (in an already hazardous workplace), and break their union.

When workers stand together on the line, they make a difference for all of us.  Supporting our brothers and sisters is the foundation of solidarity, and those workers need our help.  Show your solidarity and tell them they WILL NOT be forgotten. The picket line is located at 10 Langeloth Road, Langeloth PA. We hope to see you there.