Unions Take Action On COVID-19

This week, the COVID-19 virus pandemic has understandably been centerstage. The Labor movement urges all working people to take the necessary precautions to protect your health and that of your neighbors and co-workers.

The National AFL-CIO has compiled an extensive list of industry-specific guidelines, with recommendations and information from affiliate unions, the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and OSHA.

Everyone has a part to play in combatting this pandemic. Every one of us should: Wash your hands 10-20 times a day, avoid touching your face, cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow (not your hand), and stay home if you are feeling ill.

Now more than ever paid sick leave and flexible work schedules are critically important to changing the course of this pandemic. Call your representative and urge the support of H.R. 6139, issuing an emergency temporary standard to protect employees at risk from exposure. Call 1-866-832-1560 and tell your Representative to support the bill.