Community Services

DOWNLOAD the 2015 PA AFL-CIO Community Services Week of Action Toolkit

To revitalize American communities, workers must address massive economic shifts that have occurred in the last 20 years.  These economic shifts have removed the “ladder of opportunity” and replaced it with a deepening “well of dependence” where workers and their families must rely on the goodwill of others to survive.  Dedicated leadership and creative approaches are needed to bring forth a new labor vision within our communities realizing that each community has a unique combination of assets on which to build their future.

The mission of the AFL-CIO is to improve the lives of working families—to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our nation.  To accomplish this mission we will build and change the American labor movement… (Read More)

Celebrate Union-Made St. Patrick’s Day!

If you haven’t noticed lately . . . it’s March!  That means not only is it Women’s History Month, or that Spring is just around the corner, but St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!  During this time, millions of dollars will be spent on beer, potatoes, and corned beef, and you can put your dollars to good use by choosing union-made brands. Read More

Join Allegheny CLC and Penn State To Discuss the New Labor Landscape

 Strategies for a New Labor Landscape: Strengthening Member Commitment  The landscape for all unions—public and private sector—continues to shift. The attack on labor and unions is not going to stop with JANUS or even after the recent mid-term elections. What is the labor landscape here in southwestern PA? Read More

Need Help? Connect with a Labor Liaison

Since 1946, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and the United Way have joined forces to provide programs in their communities.  Following is a list of United Way Labor Liaisons, and each of them may know of local resources available during the government shutdown. Read More