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PA Congressional Map

PA Supreme Court Issues Decision in Gerrymander Case

For years, Pennsylvania’s congressional map has been considered one of the worst cases of partisan gerrymandering in the country.  While Democrats outnumber Republicans among Pennsylvania’s registered voters by about one million votes, Republicans occupy 12  congressional delegates to 5 Democrats; the GOP held 13 seats prior to Rep. Read More
Rosie the Riveter

Election 2017 – Only the Beginning

On Tuesday, November 7, Pennsylvanians went to the polls across our Commonwealth to elect statewide and local officials. In the first general election following the 2016 cataclysm, women swept all of the statewide judicial races.  Are you ready for 2018? The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO congratulates endorsed candidates, Maria McLaughlin, Deborah Kunselman, Carolyn Nichols and Ellen Ceisler on their victories in the Superior and Commonwealth Courts. Read More

Voting is Just the Beginning

Imagine America without unions. This shouldn’t be hard to do because, in much of our country, unions have already disappeared. In the rest of America, they’re battling for their very lives. Union Members here in our Commonwealth continue to be at grave risk, as now 28 states have opted for Right To Work for Less legislation. Read More