Elections & Politics

Are You Ready for COPE 2019?

We are a month away from our annual COPE Institute, and a little over a year away from a pivotal electoral cycle. While there appears to be no shortage of presidential candidates, similarly, there is no shortage of issues important to unions.  Read More

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorses in PA Judiciary Races

(HARRISBURG) The Executive Council of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, representing more than 700,000 members and 45 affiliated unions across the Commonwealth, voted to endorse in the Superior and Commonwealth Court. By a unanimous vote, the Vice Presidents, Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder, and President Rick Bloomingdale, endorsed Amanda Green Hawkins and Dan McCaffery for Pennsylvania Superior Court.  The Council also voted to support the retention of Superior Court Judges Anne Lazarus and Judy Olson, and Commonwealth Court Judges Kevin Brobson and Patricia McCullough. Read More

Training with the Penn State Labor School

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is proud to work with the Penn State Labor School to connect labor leaders and union members with training and development opportunities. Every Summer the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO hosts our Community Services Institute (July 10 – July 13, 2019) and our COPE Institute (August 16 – August 18, 2019), because we understand the value of bringing union activists together to learn from one another and build our movement. Read More