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Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Council Issues Endorsements in Statewide Judicial Elections

On Thursday, the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s Executive Council endorsed statewide judicial candidates. President Rick Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder and the sixty Vice-Presidents of the State Federation recognize the incredible importance of the judiciary in the daily lives of working people.  The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is proud to announce its support for the following candidates and their pro-worker philosophies. Read More
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Today is Primary Day!

Tuesday, May 16 is primary day in Pennsylvania’s 2017 election cycle. These odd-year elections decide our Mayors, City Council and School Board members, Judgeships across the Commonwealth and a large number of public servant positions in our local communities.  Arguably, these elections have a greater direct impact on our daily lives and our neighborhoods than any other.  Read More

PA AFL-CIO 2017 COPE Institute Details

Shippensburg: AUGUST 18-20, 2017 The Committee on Political Education (COPE) is a longstanding program of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO. Its mission remains the faithful education, training, and mobilization of union members on current political and policy issues.  This year’s conference come at a time of heightened political activism across the nation, spawned in part by a new wave of attacks on workers’ rights and civil liberties.   Read More