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Congratulations to Pam Iovino on Victory in the 37th State Senate District

(PITTSBURGH)  The officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, President Rick Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder, on behalf of the 700,000 union members across our Commonwealth, and the 31,822 union members and their families in the 37th State Senate District have issued the following joint statement: “Today, Pennsylvania’s Union members proved that our solidarity, and our issues of social and economic justice, win.  The election of Pam Iovino to the 37th State Senate district is proof that workers’ rights will win the day.  We congratulate the more than 31,000 hard-working women and men, who sent emails, who talked to members on the doors and the phones, and who introduced to Pam Iovin their co-workers. Read More

Union Members are Hitting the Streets for Pam Iovino. Here’s Why:

Last Spring union members were central to the election of Conor Lamb in the former 18th congressional district.  In November union members again made their case for a fair economy and the value of workers’ voices, resulting in the reelection of Governor Wolf.  And on April 2nd, workers across the 37th State Senate district are leading the way to sending a union member and public servant to represent them in Harrisburg. Read More

One Year Later: Looking Back at the Election of Conor Lamb

The Pennsylvania Union movement had a big year in 2018.  One of those achievements celebrates its one year anniversary today: the election of Conor Lamb to the 18th congressional district.  Our mobilization in the southwest corner of our Commonwealth resulted in the success of a proudly pro-union candidate.  Union members hit the doors, the phones and the worksites to get the word out about Conor Lamb.  The work of our union brothers and sisters flipped a district by 20 points.  Collective action and the value of strong unions took center stage during the internationally watched special election.   State Federation officers Rick Bloomingdale and Frank Snyder stated on the victory: “For weeks union members have held thousands of conversations across southwestern Pennsylvania on the issues that affect working families and their jobs. Read More