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Freedom of the Press is a Union Issue.

This week the Newsguild of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette issued a call to action to support journalist of color who has been kept from reporting on racial justice protests across the city. “This comes after more than three years of stalled contract negotiations, pushed by a union-busting Tennessee law firm milking every last cent from the Block family, which owns the paper, while journalists suffer economically.” The Newsguild, CWA District 2-13 stated in a public letter. Read More

What’s on the line with the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger? 635 Pennsylvania Jobs Lost and Higher Consumer Prices

The $26 billion merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, the nation’s third and fourth largest wireless companies, comes with a hefty price tag for consumers, no public benefit and a loss of 30,000 jobs across America.  This merger is poised to have significant impact on low-income consumers and the decimation of industry competition in major urban areas.  In Philadelphia, the “new T-Mobile” would represent 46% of consumers in the wireless market, becoming the dominant wireless service.  This would also coincide with the shuttering of 65 store closures in that area alone.  Statewide the merger would lead to 168 stores closing and a loss of 635 jobs. Read More

CWA Is Charging Ahead With Local Union Mail and at the Work Sites

CWA VP Ed Mooney and fellow union members hit the doors on a Saturday walk in South Philadelphia. Communications Workers of America members from District 2-13 are hitting the worksites and the doors for the Labor 2018 campaign. Across the Commonwealth, CWA has been talking to their fellow union members about the importance of getting out the union word for the November 6 election.  Read More