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#WorkersWinPA: Governor Goes 0/4 On Pensions, Privatization, Lottery, and Prevailing Wage

Thanks To The Activism Of Workers Across The State, Governor’s Anti-Worker Agenda Is Derailed This year began with the Governor promising an onslaught of anti-worker legislation designed to drive down wages, privatize public institutions, and undermine retirement security.  Many of these initiatives came closer to passing than they ever have before. Read More

Take Action: 59 Hours To Stop Attacks On Workers

Silly season has officially descended on Harrisburg, with the State Budget and the horse trading on various pieces of union-busting legislation playing out like a real life game of whack-a-job. Just in the past day, the Governor’s rejected bid to outsource the Pennsylvania Lottery to a British company appeared to get new life, with rumors of a budget amendment that would expand the Governor’s ability to enter into such contracts on behalf of the Commonwealth.  Read More