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Federal Shutdown Ends, But Senator Toomey And Four PA Republican Congressmen Vote To Default On US Debt

On Wednesday evening, the Senate finally forged a deal to end the Federal Government shutdown, and to avert a US debt default by raising the debt ceiling.  After passing the Senate by a strong bi-partisan majority, the bill was quickly taken up and passed by the house, with 87 Republicans joining every Democrat to move the Country forward. Read More

Fight Back! Commonwealth Foundation Launches ‘Project Goliath’ Taking Aim At Workers

Last week, The Nation published a story about Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Foundation, and a sweeping new anti-worker campaign they are launching called Project Goliath. In a fundraising letter sent out last month, accompanied by a letter of support from Senator Toomey, The Commonwealth Foundation declared their intentions to ‘slay Pennsylvania’s Big Labor Goliath.’  In the opening lines of their fundraising appeal, they boast: “This promising new campaign for the future of our state is aptly named, “Project Goliath: Conquering Pennsylvania’s Political Giant.”  Like biblical David, your gift will help us hurl the stones that finally take down freedom’s #1 enemy in our state!” While they go on to identify their ‘enemy’ as ‘Government Union Bosses’ – that is not the ultimate target of their proposed strategy.  Read More