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ELECTRICITY SUPPLY AND DELIVERY WHEREAS, consumers, workers, and communities all depend on safe, reliable and affordable electricity; and WHEREAS, the infrastructure of many utilities are in need of upgrades including the staffing level needs due to the effects of an aging workforce; and WHEREAS, we will continue to be dependent on coal, nuclear, natural gas to supply a majority of our electrical energy needs; and WHEREAS, Pennsylvania does not have a clear and concise energy policy to guide our decision on energy needs; and WHEREAS, high energy cost could threaten the economy, by creating further burdens on household budgets and force business to move to other states; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the delegates to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO 41st  Constitutional Convention strongly support the following principles to ensure reliable, safe and low-cost supply of electricity for all Pennsylvanians: Create safeguards and incentives to guarantee adequate generation and transmission capacity at all times, while ensuring that all existing environmental and labor standards are maintained for new power plants; Enact policies to ensure the stability and integrity of wholesale electricity markets including oversight and enforcement of fair and reasonable prices; Create safeguards to minimize price volatility and prevent manipulation of power supplies to artificially drive up prices and enact tough Quality of Service Standards; Support a policy of fuel diversity which also sustains all current generating options; Encourage increased investment and incentives to promote energy efficiency, demand-side management, conservation, clean coal technology and renewable energy; Expand support mechanisms to ensure that low-income families have sufficient access to affordable electric power. Read More